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As a coach, I am passionate about sharing my unique way of working with actors of all experience levels.

My one-on-one training focuses on teaching the technical foundations of the craft of acting.

The private coaching can cover slapstick, stage combat, choreography, directing, classical texts, text analysis, play analysis, ensemble training, viewpoints, Suzuki, and alignment work.

With my guidance, you'll develop skills/tools you didn't know existed, and unlock your full potential as an actor.

I love this work.

My favorite thing is the moment when a unexpected detail is added to the moment that clicks in an actor's mind/body/soul in a way unfelt before, and they shift into something entirely new to them.
It is a beautiful thing to behold, and it's all I want to do with my life. Let actor's experience that.
My only goal is to elevate your skills. Think of me as your personal trainer, but for acting.

As an actor, and instructor - Caleb loves Billy Shakes, poetry, ensemble-conceived pieces, fight/movement choreography, and hip-hop theatre. As a playwright and composer - he co-created (with fellow actor, musician, and comedian KP Powell) “We Run Verona,” a Caplet vs. Montague rap battle, as the opening number for the American Shakespeare Center’s 2016/17 production of Romeo & Juliet - in which he played Romeo.


He wrote (and helped stage) “The Ode of Oedipus," a spoken word/hip-hop song telling the story of Oedipus and the backstory of Antigone, as the opening number for the ASC’s 2018/19 production of Antigone.

He's currently working on a Hamlet hip-hopera.


Caleb has choreographed violence for 10+ productions. He studied under Adam Noble, Jack Young, Ian Rose, and David Wooley. He trained in Tung Soo Do for over four years (among other athletics), and stage combat for over ten, with recommended passes in 3 weapons & additional training in another 6+.


He toured nationally with the American Shakespeare Center for 3 years (and performed in residency), won a Wilde Award at Flint Repertory Theatre, was a finalist for a Houston Theatre Award at Houston Shakespeare Festival, he moved to Atlanta, GA in 2019, and since then he's won a Suzi Bass and a BroadwayWorld Atlanta Award, and worked at the Alliance Theatre, Aurora Theatre, Actor's Express, Georgia Ensemble Theatre, and Contemporary Classics Theatre - both as an actor/singer/musician and a fight choreographer.


Holds an MFA from U of Houston’s PATP & a BFA from U of Michigan-Flint.

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I offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs.

From 1on1 acting intensives to come-as-you-please ensemble training - I am committed to helping you elevate your work.


The Actor's Gym

  • In-Person @ Stage Door Theatre

  • For ALL experience levels

    • Both PROs & ROOKIEs encouraged to attend.​

  • Mondays; 730 - 930p

  • Click Here to Register

    • Enroll in "STAGE DOOR ACADEMY - Ensemble Training: Adult"

    • Make sure to register at least 2 hours before the session you're attending.​


    • Limited spots available.

    • No commitment required. Come & go as you please.​

  • Wear work-out clothes and comfy shoes.

  • Get in ACTING shape. Stop by and train with us.

    • ​Ensemble Work​

    • Suzuki Method

    • Imaginative Training

    • Physical Training

    • Body/Vocal Control & Precision

    • Community Building


1-on-1 Acting Intensive


Hourly Coaching

  • Via Zoom or In-Person

  • Contact Caleb to Schedule

  • 3, 5, & 10 session package deals

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